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Innervision's new artist, Thatsany, doing cover songs for now as we are looking for producers and song writers for her.

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July by Noah Cyrus

Make You Feel My Love by Adele

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Johnnie J. - Founder of Innervision


Innervision Compilation 2011

Becky Lopez

Deangelo T

DJ with Cadence

Fingers T

Fresh Oil From Heaven

Jon Aliperto

Mike Johnson

MC Chill & Selina



Soft Parade

Thatsany Laoboutsa

Wayne Turner

Testimonies of our artists:

I want to talk about how Innervision help me to get royalties for my live shows’

for years I have played music here in Denver and never knew that on top of my pay from some of the club owners, I could get paid for performing my original songs!

From 2011 till now, I have been receiving quarterly checks from Innervision as I pay them for doing my paper work and keeping my financial books in order.

Now some people think it is as easy as getting hired at the right club and royalties will just flow in to your bank account and as an independent artists I thought that same way, but I found out that if you do some of the paper work and you don’t learn how to the right paper work you are only spinning your wheels.

I been in the business for 40 years, dealt with some clubs that want you to play for free and some clubs that will only pay you with beer, or food, but to get paid quarterly no matter what I get paid, or in some cases don’t get paid at all, is very freeing.

I would recommend any young or older musician that is serious about their music, to sign up with Innervision.

Fresh Oil From Heaven
photo head shot of Anthony Romo Fresh Oil From Heaven was founded in 2008 by Anthony Romo.

After having battled cancer for a year and being miraculously healed by the Lord, I took to the nations of the world and began to minister with music Gods healing power. I traveled to South America, and Eastern Europe to help churches in Worship.

After returning to the USA I was moved to seek out other worshipers and form a group of ministers of the Gospel of Jesus using music.

Today we are one of Denver Colorado’s only traveling outreach music teams, helping various organizations as they outreach to their community.

I believe in organizations like and the help they offer to challenged musicians.

Innervision has hard working people who tireously seek to help develop anyone challenged with disabilities to be treated fairly and gives a place for us to showcase our talents.

Fresh Oil crew members have been a part of this wonderful organization for years.

Please contact Johnnie Johnson through Innervision to schedule your outreach.

I want to talk about how Innervision help me and my band to find more bookings to showcase my music;

before I became a member, I would find churches here and there, get up and sing one or two songs. I always love singing and writing songs, but didn’t know how to get to the next level of getting more people to hear what God was blessing me with.

Then Innervision asks me to think outside the box and I started a band with likeminded musicians doing shows at Innervision’s events and getting paid for my original songs!

Innervision created the events that attracted people that wanted to hear my band and my music and the fans from churches enjoyed seeing our band in a professional light.

Innervision also helped us to pick the right songs for our first CD “Love is a Verb,” and creat a professional bar coded product and help us to find the people that love our music around the world.

I would recommend any musician that is serious about their music, to become a member of Innervision.

Getting internet stations to interview Reflection, or even play our music was very hard, I know it was for us as we are singers and musicians with day jobs.

We met Mr. Johnson at a church we were doing a concert at in Arvada Colorado and he ask us to be on his radio show Innervision FM. That was the first time we had ever done a radio interview and we didn’t know anything about how to make sure that we said the right words so people listening would know what we were trying to do with our music.

Mr. Johnson is very good at making us feel relax and free about talking about the process of writing and performing our music.

Innervision FM really made us shine as a group and the feedback from people that heard the interview was great!

I would recommend any artists to do a interview on Innervision FM and support their nonprofit by becoming a member.


All songs copy written by publishers. Any donations from you would be appreciated!

The cost of running commercials about DJ's music on most Christian stations is $1000 per forty or less 30 to sixty 60 second spots.

To master and press 1000 CDs with art work is between $1,600 and $2,000.
So please help us out with spreading the good news through music and TV!
You can help Innervision promote this CD on radio by donating to this project through Innervision!

Wondering what it takes to do a CD project from beginning to end?
See the numbers and cost break down below:

50 CDs at the cost of $1.75 a piece: $87.50
Shipping cost $8.23
Posting Sweet G and Krew songs for Digital Sales: $49
Radio Airplay for one single: $50
Total: $344.73

This is what these artists have to raise and I am not even adding hourly time in the recording studio at $25 an hour.

Innervision is a nonprofit that helps disabled and financially challenged musicians. We ask you, our supporters, to request our songs on your favorite terrestrial FM radio stations, Serious Satellite and internet stations after you send the DJ & PD a purchased copy!

Please let us know where and when our music is played, so we can acknowledge you on our TV shows and web site. Innervision would like to thank you for financially supporting our 501(c3) nonprofit and to let you know that all donations go to producing great music with the artists we serve!