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Biography of K C

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K C on guitar laughing
KC was born in New Orleans at a time when there were few opportunities for a young man full of dreams of becoming a guitar star.

In his teens he was motivated to teach himself how to play guitar and enter a school talent show. In two weeks he taught himself to play the Rolling Stones song: Satisfaction. After winning, he went on to form his first band called First brothers, where he taught his three brothers how to play. On drums: Robert Davis, on bass: Christopher Davis and on rhythm guitar: Jerry Bell.

When they first started, KC was playing drums but he soon moved back to lead guitar. At this time he thought he should learn how to play the guitar in the right way but was told that he played the lead so well using three strings. His guitar teacher said KC was going the right direction and to keep doing what he was doing. KC would figure out how to finger the strings and make his guitar sound like what he heard on the radio.

At that time the only musicians you would see on TV for the most part were white singers, like Elvis, and every once in a while soul artists like James Brown. entire band on stage

KC needed to showcase the music he was doing so his band started playing at the county Perish fairs where he was able to sharpen his skills.

At the age of 21, In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, KC recorded his first record. His third record was recorded in the studio called Matassa’s, owned by the guy who did Judy in the sky with glasses, by John Fred and his Playboys that was released 1968; Fats Domino also recorded in this studio.

In the south at that time parents usually had a tight hold of their children. KC's mother wouldn’t let John Fred sign him because she was afraid that they would misuse her son as was done to so many black artists back in those days.

K C on guitar at the mic Ten years later KC was managing an all-girl band. He named them, The Look Band . They played along Bourbon Street for a year; then he played for a band called Sugar Foot, as a backup guitarist.

In 1982 there was a song called knock out, by Margi Joseph, where once again KC was the guitarist.

Around 1982 he bought a Kramer guitar that would give him even more star quality as he continue to make waves in the R&B musical world!

In 2005 KC's world would be turned up-side down. He would lose all of his musical equipment except his Kramer Guitar. The Katrina flood washed KC's musical equipment away, but not his dream to entertain people. So, as many had to do, KC was transplanted from New Orleans to Denver, where he had to start over.

K C serious on guitar
KC started playing the local clubs: Cricket on the Hill, 100 Monkeys and KoKo Pelly, El-Chapultepec 2, Her Bar and Grill, Pierre Supper Club, The Falling Rock (where he did a benefit with Sammy Mayfield), Herman’s Hide Away, Road House Bar and Grill.

KC has also played at Zephyr Restaurant and Lounge, Atmosphere Autra Lounge, Rock Bottom and many more events.

In 2012 KC signed with Innervision and is now a member of Mr. Johnson’s management. He has released a CD called, "KC and Friends" and is working on his next CD.

KC and Friends
Original and Cover Songs

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1 - Walk that Dog

2 - Baby Baby Baby

3. Don't Put Your Hands

4. Last Two Dollars

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