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The music on this cd has a big variety of genre's: from Country to Metal and Christian Rock.

Most of this is points of view and memories of days gone by.
Some of the songs were written originally in the 80s in my metal band days, like Battle Axe. I’ve written the rest of the tunes since I’ve been here, in the Philippines.

As far as who they all sound like, I would have a hard time to put that on paper. Some of my fav musician are a big part of how I write: like Lennon and McCartney, Dillon, Neil Young, and country big’s like Merle, Willy. Southern Rock, like 38 Special, Nazareth, Lynyrd Skynyerd. Take your pick.
  1. Crashing: thoughts of the rapture and missing it because of sin
  2. Kicks: Instrumental - thoughts of looking through the eyes of God on the universe
  3. CPL Kirby: As kids we played army in the woods back in Wisconsin; many good times remembered
  4. Angry Young Man: Frustrations with my dad growing up and growing old
  5. Move Along: thoughts of this world and how it is falling and failing
  6. Battle Axe: Instrumental, written by me and my ex bro in law back in 1987, redone 2 years ago with my navy bud over the internet
  7. Sunset Highways: Song about my mom and her love for us kids and the Lord 'til her death
  8. Another Day Maybe
  9. Soldiers of the Lord (featuring Sage)
  10. Missed: Losing my dad and some of the regrets over our failed relationship
  11. Passing Through

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