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Fingers T

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I started playing keyboards when I was six and a guitar at 11.

One of my strongest childhood memories was being terrified by Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds.
My elder brother told me I probably wouldn't like it as it was "just music" so naturally I listened to it to spite him and it scared the hell out of me!
It also made me realize that music could be more than songs, it could tell a story.
It could also terrify a person!
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In our teens my brother and I would play and write music together, recording on a 4-track.
Since then I have been writing and recording on my own, producing "SOl" and "Cycles" before being inspired by the Stephen King series The Dark Tower, which I have now been working on for a decade
album cover art of guitarist at the entrance of the tower

Like Jeff Wayne, I hope to tell this epic story through music (albeit without narration).
Enjoy these 30-second sound clip examples.


Blue Heaven

Blue Heaven: Roland and his ka-tet travel to Thunderclap to stop a group of psychics known as Breakers who are allowing their telepathic abilities to be used to break away at the Beams that support the Tower. A huge firefight ensues and (SPOILERS!) one of our characters is mortally wounded.

Detta, Odetta, Susannah

Detta, Odetta, Susannah: The second of our ka-tet that Roland draws into his world, Odetta Holmes suffers from dissociative identity disorder and is completely unaware of her split personality: the malicious "Detta Walker". Roland forces the two personas to confront each other and they merge into a third, stronger personality, Susannah Dean.

Gas Station

Gas Station: In our own world, Roland and Eddie are ambushed by men working for the New York gangster, Balazar. After a blazing firefight they escape with the help of a crafty local man, John Cullum, who they deem to be a savior put in their path through the machinations of Ka.

Lud - The God Drums

Lud-The God Drums: The group must enter the decaying city of Lud to find Blaine the Mono. Two rival gangs are driven mad by the constant looping drums played over loudspeakers.


Shardik: Eddie faces the giant cyborg bear Shardik, one of the twelve guardians of the portals at the ends of the six Beams. Susannah, still starting her gunslinger training, brings the beast down with a perfectly aimed shot.

The Big Coffin Hunters: In his youth, Roland encounters three outlaws led by a failed and exiled gunslinger named Eldred Jonas.

Song of Susannah-part 1

Song of Susannah-part 1: Susannah Dean is partially trapped in her own mind by Mia, the former demon and now heavily pregnant mortal woman who had taken control of her body. Susannah-Mia, with their shared body mostly under the control of Mia, escapes to New York of 1999 via the magic door in Doorway Cave with the help of Black Thirteen.

Susannah Mio

The Man In Black

The Man in Black: Roland finally catches up to his quarry, The Man in Black, who tells Roland of his future, hinting at the people he must draw from our world.

The Priest's Tale

The Priest's Tale: Father Callahan recounts his tale of escaping the vampires in 'Salem's Lot', and his eventual transportation by the Man in Black to the village of Calla Bryn Sturgis.

The Wolves

The Wolves: Calla Bryn Sturgis, a town where twin births are the norm, not the exception, is raided once a generation by fearsome men on horseback known as the Wolves of Thunderclap. The Wolves take one of each pair of twins for an unkown purpose, who are returned to the town "roont", mentally handicapped and destined to grow to enormous size and die young. Roland and the ka-tet defeat the Wolves in battle and save the children.


Tull: Chasing the Man in Black, Roland enters the desert town of Tull. He meets the leader of the local church who reveals to him that the man in black has impregnated her with a demon. She turns the entire town against Roland; men, women, and children, and Roland is forced to kill every resident of the town.

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