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Wayne Turner

I have many years of customer service experience and have worked professionally in the music industry since the age of 20.

To date I've produced five projects - two for myself: Love Notions and "Rocking in Jesus. Wayne

I produced a rap group called Preachers in the Hood. These guys were former gang members and they are currently rapping for God.

Before I considered myself a professional; now I am a professional, handicapped musician in the music and production business.

To date there are only a few like the late Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder and Jose Feliciano. Also there's a woman named Jerry Joels who has cerebral palsy. There was another gentlemen named Tom Sullivan who had success in the filming industry and also recorded an album. I believe that once he made so much money he gave up the fight.

The bottom line is there are only a few professional handicapped individuals in the entertainment field. More importantly, there are many handicapped and disadvantaged individuals who would like to have the opportunity to accomplish things which can assist them in their daily living.

I have a good working knowledge of what it takes to operate all equipment and quickly learn on new equipment. My background includes working in recording studios both professionally and in my own business (for 6+ years).

Certainly in this business one needs to have a good deal of confidence and connections.

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